Hey there 👋 I’m Marcus and I do all sorts of things with WordPress, but mostly I try not to take myself too seriously and enjoy meeting great folks like you. Yes, you!

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Web designer and developer, former WooCommerce support engineer, and current field marketer.

Oh yea — and WordPress Photo Directory moderator, amateur photographer, AI enthusiast, co-host of Do the Woo and HeadingTwo WP podcasts, GoDaddy Pro event coordinator, and perpetual tinkerer of code.

Where you'll find me...

Artificial Intelligence

With the onset of publicly available AI tools, content generation has become mainstream and captured the heart of many, myself included. ❤️

WordPress + AI

At the crossroads of two of my favorite things on the internet lies a new project I launched called WPAI Universe.

Generative Artwork

Tools like DALL•E and Midjourney have ushered in a new era of digital imagery. You can find some of my work on these stock sites:


At least once a month, I’ll show up in your favorite podcast app — if you’ll let me. Check out these shows of which I’m a part.

Do the Woo

The longest running of the shows, this show all about WooCommerce — I’m only on once a month though.

HeadingTwo WP

Currently on a long hiatus, the HeadingTwo podcast is a passion project for me and my buddy, TJ Rogers.

Web Development

Although I don’t get to do it as often anymore, I still take on the occasional freelance piece of work or side project.

Freelance projects

If you’re looking for someone to handle WordPress design or development, let me know. I bring the experience of 10 years at an agency with the cost of a solo dev.

Side projects

Side projects help me keep my skills sharp and learn new technology.



One of my first loves in the design world, I still keep up with taking photos whenever and wherever I can.

WP Photo Directory

I’m lucky enough to get to contribute to the WordPress project through photography!

Events & Speaking

As a part of the GoDaddy field team, I coordinate in-person and virtual events, even speaking at WordCamp Phoenix 2023 and WooSesh 2022.

Online and IRL

I’ve attended multiple WordCamps in the past year and hosted many virtual meetups!

Code and Plugins

Every now and then I get a chance to build a product for others. Mostly WordPress, though sometimes other things.


Here are some of the plugins I’ve built for WordPress.