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Plus, sometimes I write about the web, design adventure apparel, and take pictures.

A Quick Illustrator Wave

So, my buddy TJ (@tjrogers82) and I were talking about just how – surprisingly – difficult it is to create a smooth wave shape in Illustrator. He came up with this clever idea that I wanted to jot down somewhere in case it’s helpful to anyone else. *Note: You will need to have Adobe Illustrator […]

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WordPress Orlando Q&A – May 2018

WordPress Orlando held one of its monthly Q&A sessions on May 22, 2018. The following list of links covers the majority of the resources described throughout the night.

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WordPress Updates Permissions Error [FIXED]

Recently, I moved a WordPress site from one host to another and ran plugin updates, but that’s where I ran into an issue.

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Disable Emails Sending from WordPress in Development

You don’t want to send emails from your site to users twice – once from the live version and once from the development version. What you need to do is stop your local site from sending emails!

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