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front-end developer and designer Plus, sometimes I write and create silly fonts.

Forcing www or non-www in WordPress with an htaccess

Using the .htaccess file, you can force www or non-www URLs using the following snippets that should appear ABOVE any other code in your WordPress .htaccess.

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Force SSL on a Drupal 7 Site

As forcing HTTPS on sites becomes more and more important, I wanted to document the process in Drupal 7 for myself (and anyone else who might find it helpful!).

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Well, that’s kinda awkward….

For the last couple of weeks, this site has been undergoing some changes. Yes, it looks different, but that’s not the biggest change….

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Drupal Quick Tip: Webform Email to Multiple Email Input Fields

Because I want to remember a) that it’s possible to send an email to multiple email fields and b) remember how to do it.

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