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Marcus Burnette is a web designer and developer, amateur photographer, podcast host, and virtual event moderator. As part of the GoDaddy Pro Events and Community Team, Marcus is passionate about helping agencies and freelancers build eCommerce sites for clients with The Hub by GoDaddy Pro and GoDaddy’s premium WordPress and WooCommerce platforms.

The (Still Brief) Full Story

For the better part of the last 10 years, I’ve been a WordPress designer and developer, focusing on small- to medium-sized businesses that wanted to sell their products online. I worked for a small marketing agency and also on my own.

As a freelance web developer, I spent the majority of my weeks’ time working from the comfort of my own home. 🏠

Starting in early 2020, at the very beginning of a global pandemic, I joined an amazing team of distributed, WooCommerce-focused customer support specialists at SkyVerge. This position gave me the opportunity to start to share the knowledge I had gained as a developer back to other developers and agencies.

In October of 2020, SkyVerge was acquired by GoDaddy. Though our ownership changed, our mission remained the same: to level the playing field for eCommerce businesses everywhere.

Almost a year later in September of 2021, I joined the GoDaddy Pro team to bring my WooCommerce expertise to a group of people devoted to helping web professionals—agencies and freelancers—build the best sites and online stores they can for their clients! Now I get to actively share about The Hub by GoDaddy Pro and our Managed WooCommerce products through the community and hosting virtual events.

In addition to my work with GoDaddy Pro, I also co-host one podcast episode per month for Do the Woo and co-host my own podcast with TJ Rogers called The HeadingTwo WP Podcast. Recently, I’ve also been named a team co-rep for the WordPress Photo Directory.

When work is over and it’s time to play, I enjoy photo walks, travel, and indulging in time with my beautiful wife and our wonderful daughters. 👨‍👩‍👧‍👧

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I co-host a monthly episode of this show (part of the Do the Woo network) and have since 2022.

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Let’s work together! 💪 Whether you have a project to collaborate on, a new plugin idea, or want me to join you on your podcast, I’d love to hear from you!