Artificial Intelligence

Who knows what’s even real anymore?

If you’ve been following along on my Twitter and a few other places I hang out online lately, you’d see that I’ve become a bit enamored by artificial intelligence (AI) and ways it can help us with everyday tasks. From content generation to code writing to generative images, there’s no shortage of interesting new possibilities.

That’s what this page is here for — to give me a place to explore the world of AI and share what I find and create! Enjoy.

Generative AI Artwork

My goto for AI images is Midjourney. I initially explored a couple of different options—including DALL•E—and found Midjourney to create the most creative, highest quality, and most realistic results.

These are not photos! They’re not compositions of things copied and pasted together! These are unique images generated from a system that has been trained to know what objects are and how they interact with each other—including lighting, camera effects, relative scale, and much more.

With results like these, I was able to generate quite a few and submit them to a few different stock photo sites—the ones that allow AI-generated images at the moment. They’re pretty good out of the box, but I still used Topaz Labs Gigapixel AI to upscale them and clean things up in Photoshop whenever necessary.

Adobe Stock

My largest collection of stock images is at Adobe Stock. It was the first site that I signed up to contribute to.


Although the collection is smaller, there are some images that I've opted to only share here.


This collection is the smallest, as I've just started uploading images. Approvals seem to come slowly.

More to come. Stay tuned!