Thrive Creative Labs Website

One of the first items on our checklist was to completely overhaul the company website.

As Thrive Creative Labs, my current employer, recently hired a brilliant content marketing company to help us with our content strategy, one of the first items on the checklist was to completely overhaul the company website. With the rest of our development team working on other projects, I was able to take on this task of designing and developing a new site on my own.

The first task was moving the site from Drupal 7 to WordPress. Ordinarily, we would have kept the same database, but the plugin suite offered by our new partners (called Newfangled) was built specifically for WordPress. As we had already decided to move away from Drupal and on to WordPress, it just made sense to migrate our own site as well.

Once the content was migrated, I designed the new layout – using colors previously chosen by our team. I set up a workflow using Git, Bitbucket, and DeployHQ to version control, store, and deploy our site, respectively.

Once the site was built, I worked closely with Newfangled to implement their plugin suite to tie into the automation system Act-on and, ultimately, Salesforce.

The timeline was about 2 months and the site has already begun to usher in new, promising leads for our company.