FlipQuiz™ is a classroom review game creation tool for educators.

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The idea of FlipQuiz was conceived back in 2008. My wife is a teacher and, as I started to learn a bit of jQuery, I thought I could create a Jeopardy-style board that she could toss up on a projector in the classroom and play with her students.

I successfully created a game board for her, but it unfortunately lacked a few key features:

So when I started to learn Drupal (back in 2012-13), I thought it was a good time to revisit the concept.


The task at hand was to create a Jeopardy-style online game that could be played in the classroom. The product needed to be easily editable by anyone that was logged in and keep score during the game.


With Drupal in my back pocket, I set to work creating the framework. I created the appropriate content type, views, a dashboard, and playable mode. With the basics in place, I asked my wife to sign up, create a game, and give it a shot.

It went so well, we thought it should be available to everyone!


With the basic structure in place, I did a bit of additional design work to get the site ready for launch…. and launch it did! My wife posted the link to Edmodo (think “Facebook for Teachers”) and within a few days, thousands of teachers had signed up and created boards for free.

With such an instant success (at least on a micro level), I thought there might be some potential for a secondary income, so I added some PRO features and charged for the additional benefits.

Currently, there are several hundreds of teachers paying for PRO benefits – either monthly or yearly.