Beavertail Skiffs

Beavertail Skiffs is a flats boat manufacturer based in Bradenton, FL.

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Beavertail Skiffs is a West Florida flats boat manufacturer and client of Thrive Creative Labs. Beavertail Skiffs’ boats are custom-built and tailored for shallow-water fishing.

While I was only responsible for some of the digital property for Beavertail Skiffs, I was instrumental in the planning of a marketing plan, social media strategy, and a majority of the web design and development.

The design itself – including color palette and layout – was created by me as an employee of Thrive. I came up with the idea of the top-down shots of the boats and map additions within the backgrounds and details of the design.

The site was developed on Drupal 7 by myself and the single other web developer at Thrive, TJ Rogers. As a strictly front-end developer, he constructed the layout I designed and set up the general site architecture. I added the video element to the home page and added the majority of javascript (jQuery) effects sitewide.

The site has gone from an average of 50-75 daily visitors before the launch of the new site in February of 2016 to an average of 250 daily visitors. It continues to grow each month as new content is added to the site.