Two Oh One Seven

December 31, 2017

As 2017 comes to a close, it seems fitting to do what so many others are doing and reflect back on the year that was.

So much happened this year, but this is a quick list of the things I can remember:

  • Our company switched from building sites with Drupal to WordPress
  • Got our company off of “commando”-style updates to a proper Git→RepositoryDeploy system
  • My iMac died and I got a new one (maybe more on that later, but it was nice to see how not dependent I am on one machine with almost everything “in the cloud”)
  • Mostly completed my home’s “smart home” upgrades (lights, A/C, front door, garage, and cameras)
  • Bought a Mavic Pro drone
  • Redesigned this site on WordPress
  • Moved the FlipQuiz Support site to WordPress
  • Went to my third Front End Design Conference and my first WordCamp (in Orlando)
  • Started (and then failed to keep up with) the Dogwood 52-week Photography Challenge
  • Moved FlipQuiz to Digital Ocean and most of my other sites to Cloudways. (still thinking about moving FlipQuiz, but it’s a BIG database)

I’m sure there’s more – and I’ll come back and update this if I think of any – but that pretty much sums up the year for me, at least as it relates to tech and web development.

So what’s in store for 2018?

Well, I want to devote more time to FlipQuiz. I think the site is doing well, but I haven’t done much more than answer support requests for the last few months. It’s time to fix some bugs and add some new features.

Also, I want to attend a couple of other WordCamps. There are two on the horizon that are close to home (Jacksonville and Miami), so I’ll start there. The one in Orlando was SO much fun and I met some really great people. Looking forward to making more connections in 2018.

Mostly, I want to work on creating digital tools that help folks out there. I have a couple of other ideas that may take some shape this year – we’ll see.

No matter what, I hope it’s a great year. Not just for me, but for everyone reading this! Happy New Year!

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