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November 2, 2012

One of the best ways to stay creative is to engage in ongoing side projects. Without the demands of clients or the need to meet requirements for customers, you can have unlimited freedom over your project.

That is why we, at FliteHaus, have put together a gallery of the best Drupal design on the web. We’ve decided to call it Drupal Paradise. Born out of a need to show our clients just how limitless the possibilities are for Drupal sites, we wanted to create a gallery to showcase the best of the best.

The site is currently somewhere between “alpha” and “beta” stages, but early results are in on the 10 best Drupal web designs so far. Let’s count down the top 10 sites to date.

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Body Bike Website#10: Body Bike

Body Bike is a Danish indoor cycling company that sells stationary bikes, parts, accessories, and offers a listing of classes. With a detailed about section, you can read all about the company’s vision and values along with their effort to be CO2 conscious.

Body Bike →

Jack's Mannequin Website#9: Jack’s Mannequin

This recently updated site now points to Andrew McMahon is the front man for now-defunct pop/rock group, Jack’s Mannequin. The new site is, unfortunately for this article, WordPress.

Jack’s Mannequin →

SPIN Magazine Website#8: SPIN Magazine

If you’re looking for news about all things rock music, SPIN Magazine is your best bet. SPIN has put in the time to create some great interactive photo and video galleries in this stunning Drupal site.

SPIN Magazine →

Disturbed Website#7: Disturbed

Hard rock group, Disturbed, really shows off the level of design that can be achieved around a seemingly rigid framework like Drupal. The site contains everything you’d expect from a rock band site from history to discography.

Disturbed →

Global Oneness Project Website#6: Global Oneness Project

The Global Oneness Project distributes media to educate people on rethinking how they should see the world. The site has loads of video content and has recently been redesigned and minimalized. Good to see it’s still Drupal though!

Global Oneness Project →

Avril Lavigne Website#5: Avril Lavigne

Canadian pop/rock princess, Avril Lavigne, has collected everything from photo galleries to blog articles to discography on her website for your viewing pleasure. It hasn’t been redesigned in a long time, but who’s looking at anything but the photo gallery anyway, right?

Avril Lavigne →

Francesca Batistelli Website#4: Francesca Batistelli

Christian artist, Francesca Batistelli, managed to grab the 4th spot with whimsical watercolor paint strokes and a pleasing color palette. The artsy nature of the site urges you to browse some more!

Francesca Batistelli →

Relevant Magazine Website#3: Relevant Magazine

Looking for articles on sports, politics, religion, science, or anything else? Look no further. Relevant Magazine grabs number 3 by providing a minimalist interface with great detail work. The UI is pleasing and navigation is a breeze!

Relevant Magazine →

The White House Website#2: The White House

No site has changed more often in the top 10 than the White House site. With the national election just days away from the time of writing this article, The White House site has proven how easily a team can manage such a large scale site with Drupal.

The White House →

DrupalCon DC 2009 WebsiteAnd #1: DrupalCon DC 2009

It comes as a bit of a surprise that this site sits at #1 since it is over 3 years old, but it was certainly a well-crafted design for it’s time. Speed and ease of use factor in, rounding out the top 10 in a great illustrative fashion.

DrupalCon DC 2009 →

More Drupal Inspiration

For more Drupal inspiration, go check out and vote for your favorite sites. If you’re a freelance designer or agency that works with Drupal, you can submit your site too! Only the best designs are selected, but the more submissions the better!

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