Show Hidden Files in Mac Finder

October 25, 2017

At this point in my development career, I pretty much always leave hidden files showing. The extra system ones that I come across from time to time just don’t bother me anymore. Problem is, sometimes I need to show files on a new computer – mine or someone else’s that I happen to be working on.

For that reason, I’m pasting this here for my future self to look back on for reference.

In the “Terminal” app – or any other command line utility – paste in the following lines of text:

# Always show hidden files
defaults write AppleShowAllFiles YES

# Reset Finder for the settings to take effect
killall Dock

Side note: that last one can also be accomplished through relaunching Finder through the Mac OS user interface, but this is just easier to do in one fell swoop.

You should now have all the hidden files showing that you could hope for!

A Couple of Apps to Show Hidden Files

As a bonus, here are a couple of apps that will do this without the command line.

Funter (free)

invisibliX (free)

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