A New Year: 2014

January 5, 2014

It’s the start of a new year and that means it’s the formation of new goals.

Last year was huge – personally and professionally – but I’m already looking forward. Here are just a few of my resolutions, if you will, for 2014.

(For a full list, check out this article on my family blog.)

Weekly MBurnette.com Blog Post

I’ve really enjoyed the times I’ve been able to share what I’ve discovered online. I’ve also grown to like writing a bit over the past year, so I want to continue to boost my skills and comfort writing in 2014.

Update MBurnette.com Design and Add Portfolio

While most of what I’ve designed and developed recently can be found on the FliteHaus.com site, I want to be able to explain my part and give my take on the project in my own words.

I also want to do a bit of a design update on the site as well, bolstering the responsive-ness and cleaning up the site structure.

Add Items to EtsyTurboSquid, and PhotoDune

Certainly, a touch of additional income would always be nice, but I want to find other ways to be creative. Putting my work out there for others to judge (each purchase is a vote, after all) will give me the opportunity to look at my work in a different way. Each piece will be fairly quick to create so I will get almost instant feedback.

Etsy will give me the freedom to offer customizable content with a short deadline turn-around. TurboSquid lets me get more comfortable with 3D design. And PhotoDune will allow me to get an idea of where I stand with my photography ability.

Create Some Drupal/Photoshop/jQuery Video Tutorials

I keep teasing this in my blog articles, but I’ve yet to create more than a couple of fairly awkward videos. In 2014, I will set my sights on creating a few more of these videos. I want to create at least one each month.

While I have a few other goals – some not web related – I think that these will help me become more comfortable “putting myself out there”. Join me for lots of great things happening in 2014!

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