Maria Ippolito – Freelance Photographer

January 11, 2013

Last week, we shifted our focus to photography by talking to a great, up-and-coming photographer, Steve Noto. This week, we’re going to keep diving into photography with another phenomenal freelance photographer, Maria Ippolito. I met Maria in 2005 when we began working together at an apartment community in Orlando, FL. She had already jumped head-first into photography – film and digital – and was constantly impressing me with the beautiful shots she captured.

While photography isn’t her day job, it certainly could – maybe should – be. All she needs is assistance in marketing her skills which she can get from, and she is good to go in no time. This talented photographer has captured some great moments and in this interview we’ll discover what inspires her to lock in on stunning moment after stunning moment.

Did I mention she also shot my wedding in 2007? Let’s take a look into what makes Maria such a photography genius.

What is your name, title, and company you work for?

Maria Ippolito – Freelance Photographer

If asked what you do as a Freelance Photographer, what would you say?

I would say that I capture special moments in time for myself and others to remember. I give people the opportunity to look at a photograph and be thrown back to that feeling again. I interact. I create art. My photos show things in a way that others might not normally see.

What made you want to become a photographer?

Both of my parents were photographers. My father used to shoot weddings up in New York and they used to tell me all about it. In high school my parents let me use their beautiful Nikon film cameras and I immediately fell in love. I started taking photo classes at school and really enjoyed the whole process of photography.

I love being able to catch that perfect shot, then developing the film, then printing the pictures. It was challenging and the outcome was always enjoyed by myself and others. As time went on and the process of digital photography took over film, I also enjoyed learning that whole new way of editing and creating.

Who are some of your inspirations in the field of design, photography, or the arts as a whole?

I know it’s strange to say, but I really don’t have any specific photographers or artists that have influenced me besides my mother and father. I generally enjoy portrait photographers and photojournalists, but I never really picked just one. Most of my artistic influences have honestly been my peers from college.

Many of them shared such different ideas about art and had new and exciting styles and that pushed me to create more exciting things and really find my style. You can find some of my BFFs and favorites on Facebook actually: Michael Granacki Photography and Joshua Ryan Johnson.

What makes you most excited about working with photography or any part of the medium?

I kind of went into this in #3, but in general I like the challenge of photography. Through college I was mostly a photojournalist, and it’s always difficult to document the specific FEEL of an even in just one shot. I love that. It’s a rush to spend all day looking for it, trying to get it and make it look wonderful.

As far as other art mediums – which I also work with – I love putting together different objects or colors or shapes which alone may have been boring or useless to create something amazing or useful.

What do you expect (or want) to see happen within the photography field over the next several years?

Over the years I expect photography to morph further. However, I think that some people will always see it as more of a creative process, some people will always see it as a way to document, and some people will not see it at all. Some say that with the invention of digital photography, art was changed for the worse, but I disagree. Every art constantly changes and transforms because it has to. I think it’s awesome that times have changed to where I can afford to have a digital underwater camera. That is insane! There is so much to see and now there are old ways AND new ways to express an artistic vision. New mediums will always be created but as long as we can still use the old mediums, I will be happy.

If you had to choose a different, completely unrelated career, what would that look like?

Assistant General Manager of a student housing complex? JK. Lol. I think that I would possibly choose a career helping people in some way. I’m not quite sure honestly… I guess that’s why I’m stuck in the job I’m in. Or maybe I would choose to be in something marketing so that I could use my creativity, although I guess you could count that as related…

Is there anything else, personal or professional, people should know about you?

I think I’ve pretty much summed it up here. I wear my heart on my sleeve. When people meet me they pretty much know me. I love photography and I love to capture people’s events for them. It makes me so happy to know that they will always get to repeat those memories or be able to share them with those who weren’t there.

Some of Maria’s Photography

By Maria Ippolito

By Maria Ippolito

By Maria Ippolito

By Maria Ippolito

By Maria Ippolito

By Maria Ippolito

By Maria Ippolito

By Maria Ippolito

Where You Can Find Maria

Official Photography Website –

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