How to Add Stripe Payments to WooCommerce

February 20, 2019

Without a payment gateway, your WooCommerce is sitting dead in the water. If you’ve installed WooCommerce, you probably want to leverage it as an online store…. and online stores work best when you can accept money for your products (or services).

One of the best (and easiest to set up) payment gateways is called Stripe. Stripe is a payment processing service that doesn’t have any monthly fees, acts as a payment gateway AND merchant account, and only charges a small percentage per transaction (2.9%+30¢ per transaction at time of writing). It was made by and for web developers. That being said, implementing it as a way for your customers to pay using their credit cards is incredibly simple!

First things first, go ahead and make sure you have both WooCommerce and the WooCommerce Stripe Payment Gateway plugins installed and activated.

With the two plugins installed and active, you can head over to the WooCommerce Settings are and surf to the “Payments” tab.

From there, scroll down and find the “Stripe” payment gateway choice and make sure that it’s enabled.

Once that’s enabled, slide down to the end of that table row and click the “Manage” button. Then we’ll take a detour to go set up a Stripe account (this takes almost no time at all!)

Setting Up a Stripe Account

Open a new tab/window and go to the Stripe registration page.

Once you’ve completed the steps to create a new account, you can simply tell Stripe that you want to use their services with an application.

Then, you’ll just need to activate your Stripe account by confirming your email address and submitting an account application. (All you need for this is about 10 minutes and which bank account you’ll want your money sent to!)

Confirm your Stripe email address.
The Stripe account application looks longer than it really is….

Whew. The hard/tedious part is over!

Finishing Up in WooCommerce

When your application is submitted (an approved – shouldn’t take more than a few minutes!), you can add your API keys from Stripe to WooCommerce. This creates the link between the two.

In Stripe, navigate to the Developers » API Keys area. (1)

Then, switch the toggle from viewing test data to live data. (2)

With the Live keys showing (they say “live” right in them!), copy the Publishable Key and the Secret Key and put them in the appropriate fields in the WooCommerce Payments » Stripe settings.

Feel free to work your way down the rest of the Stripe settings in WooCommerce, but that’s all there is to it.

Oh yea, don’t forget to SAVE!

Let’s Wrap This Up

Having set all that up – what, it took maybe 30 minutes total? – you should now see a credit card payment option at checkout like the one below:

Time to sit back and enjoy the new revenue stream! (And do some marketing, social ads, etc. 😂)

Have any questions? Leave them in the comments below! Also, feel free to let us know if you’d like to see this as a video walkthrough or any other payment gateway integrations!

Until next time! 👋

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  1. Amazing! Thank you for you help.
    The pictures aren’t loading here and there are a few typing errors but regardless it still enabled me to quickly add a product store to my website . Thank you for sharing this information, I am very grateful

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