GoDaddy at WordCamp Phoenix 2024: A Recap

February 20, 2024

The GoDaddy field team embarked on a vibrant journey to WordCamp Phoenix 2024, held over the span of February 9th and 10th. This year’s event, although witnessing a turnout slightly shy of 200 attendees, was a hub of engagement, learning, and networking for WordPress enthusiasts and professionals alike.

Engagement and Highlights from Our Booth

Three individuals standing in front of a yellow banner with the text “Design, develop, deliver, repeat” and a logo of a carousel horse. To their front is a table with various items including t-shirts, cups, a coloring sheet with markers, a Nintendo Switch box, and a tablet displaying a message. They wear black aprons and lanyards with ID badges.

Positioned at a prime spot, the GoDaddy booth became a center of attraction. Our engagement strategies were multifaceted, focusing on creating brand affinity and supporting the WordPress community. The Nintendo Switch giveaway was a standout, drawing in crowds and generating excitement. Additionally, our AI demos showcased the innovative edge GoDaddy brings to the table, while the unique art theme of our booth was a visual treat that received widespread acclaim.

A collection of pens with a wooden finish and the GoDaddy logo printed on them, arranged on a dark surface.
A Nintendo Switch box with its content partially displayed, including game cases for ‘Disney Classic Games: Aladdin and The Lion King’ and ‘Colors Live,’ along with a color pen accessory, placed on a black surface with a QR code and against a backdrop featuring a yellow wall and a part of a gray chair.

Objectives and Achievements

Our presence at WordCamp Phoenix was driven by clear objectives: to foster brand affinity, support the WordPress community, generate leads, gather feedback, and gain insights into the competitive landscape. We’re proud to say that our goals were met with enthusiasm and positive feedback from the community. The sentiment towards GoDaddy in our hometown was overwhelmingly positive, a testament to our efforts and commitment.

Competitive Insights and Market Trends

An important aspect of our participation was to gain a deeper understanding of the competitive landscape, particularly in relation to GoDaddy Payments and WooCommerce. The insights gathered are invaluable, providing us with a clearer picture of the market trends and customer needs, enabling us to tailor our offerings more effectively.

A panoramic view of a college campus with an outdoor event. Multiple informational booths with banners are set up on the lawn. In the center stands a brick auditorium with the word “PHOENIX” over the entrance and a clock near the roof showing the time. To the left, a flagpole with the college’s banner stands beside leafless trees and a blue sky with clouds.

Community Insights and Customer Feedback

The event also served as a platform to connect with the community and gather candid feedback. This interaction is crucial for us as it not only strengthens our relationship with the WordPress community but also helps us in refining our products and services to better meet the needs of our customers.


WordCamp Phoenix 2024 was an enriching experience for the GoDaddy team. It reaffirmed our commitment to the WordPress community and provided us with valuable insights and feedback. We’re excited to take what we’ve learned and continue supporting and innovating for the WordPress ecosystem. Thank you to everyone who stopped by our booth, participated in our activities, and shared their thoughts with us. We look forward to seeing you at the next event!

Two individuals are involved in a creative activity at a table covered with a large coloring sheet and various coloring materials. One is selecting a marker from the assortment available, while the other is coloring a section of the sheet. In the background, there is a partial view of a woman observing, and the setting appears to be an outdoor covered area with brick columns. A selection of pins and a small toy figure can be seen on the table.

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