Get Latest Drupal 7 and CKEditor Module (Mac Apps)

May 2, 2016

Two of the things I find myself most often doing when maintaining Drupal sites is 1) downloading the latest version of Drupal and 2) downloading the latest version of the Drupal 7 CKEditor module. Drush and all that notwithstanding, I’m constantly downloading these two things separately because I can’t just tick the checkbox and let Drupal auto-update them.

Download Latest Drupal 7

We have a base install of Drupal for new projects, but when I’m trying to keep an existing site up-to-date, I’m downloading the latest Drupal 7 zip and overwriting everything but the .htaccess and files folder. Surfing to the D7 download page has gotten even more convoluted since the release of Drupal 8, so it’s a matter of going to, clicking on the Drupal 8 core page, clicking on the link on that page to the Drupal 7 core page, scrolling down to the bottom, and clicking on the download link. Whew.

I figured there had to be a better way – and there are some already – but for me it made sense to create a quick Mac Automator app to handle all of that. So I did.

Download the Get Latest Drupal 7 Mac App

Download the Latest Drupal CKEditor Module

In the same vein, I wanted to get to Drupal 7’s CKEditor module download quicker too. I wish I could just check the box on this one and update, but it requires the CKEditor and CKFinder libraries inside the module folder, so auto-updating would wipe those and break functionality. This little Mac Automator app does what I need and tracks down the latest CKEditor module.

Download the Get CKEditor Module for Drupal 7 Mac App

Granted, these only download files for me and I still have to upload them to the right sites. Still, I can use spotlight to run a couple of apps instead of surfing to a number of pages and finding the right zip files. Over time, these will save me quite a few hours of my life….

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