Generative AI Passive Income

January 26, 2023

First things first, I’ve obviously not posted here in a few days, despite the 30-day #clickpublish challenge. That being said, I’ve published things, just not here. I’ll share more on those things later…

The last real post I had on this site was about my foray into Midjourney, the AI for creating one-of-a-kind artwork. Well, the obsession has spurred a desire to watch any and all AI art related content on YouTube (so much for producing more than I consume). And, from that binging, some ideas came to the surface about how to use this to create some potential passive income.

I do want to preface the rest of this article by pointing out that almost all passive income requires some amount of work upfront. It might be something you were going to do anyway — like a virtual course — but it also might not. YMMV

Generative AI Stock Photography

I’m starting here. It requires little in the way of setup for printing and is already being done by folks with Adobe Stock. Plus, having and Adobe account means I’m already good to go.

I got the idea from this video by Matt Wolfe, but it’s certainly not the only one about the topic:

Since you only get a limited number of trial images, I did end up paying the $10/mo subscription to Midjourney. This allows me a lot more images and also opens up the ability for me to commercially sell them on stock sites or use them how I’d like.

I first went back through some of the images I’d already created to see if there was anything I could repurpose. I had, after all, been playing around with this for a little while. There were actually quite a few that I was able to use for stock (no recognizable faces or places, nothing where the copyright belongs to someone else).

So far, I’ve uploaded 34 images to Adobe Stock. You can see them here:

Generative AI Physical Content

I’ve not yet gone down this path because, well, it takes a bit more work. Some folks have used generated images to create sticker packs, t-shirts, mugs, and other items. This seems like a great path to take with one of my daughters and set up a Managed WooCommerce Stores site!

Here is one of the videos that details this process — or their version of it:

I’m not sure I believe that they’ve make $500k doing this, but I can definitely see how this could be a potential source of income, given enough time and work.

Anyway, there’s likely more generative AI content to be had on this blog and I’ll just document my findings as I go along 🙂

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