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July 22, 2012

This year has been deemed the “FliteHaus Year of Change.” Not a change in staff or a change in services, but more a refinement of our offerings and setting up plans to support our growth over the next several years. FliteHaus celebrated its 18th anniversary in June this year and we all want to be going strong heading toward the big 2-0!

Coincidentally, the summer also marks the anniversaries for TJ and myself, 1 year and 3 years, respectively. While it doesn’t seem like that long in the grand scheme of things, I’ve seen a lot of change in the last 3 years and look forward to what the future holds for all of us – and any future employees – over the next several years.

Sailing Away

To celebrate FliteHaus, its employees, and all the positive change, we all enjoyed a 3-night cruise to the Bahamas with our families! The 8 of us total sailed to Nassau and Coco Cay via Royal Caribbean’s Monarch of the Seas and we even installed some easy marine upgrades as electricity and lighting. With kids in tow, we relaxed on the beaches of Paradise Island, feasted on conch fritters, and snorkeled amid a plane wreck and cannons.

It was a great chance to talk about all the things we’ve enjoyed about FliteHaus over the past few years and our hopes for the future of the company. And while our families know each other pretty well already, it was a good chance to grow even closer.

So here’s to a great trip and high hopes for the future!


While you can read about how we really enjoyed ourselves, this article would certainly be incomplete without a small gallery. Click below to see a larger image and be sure to check out the full gallery on the FliteHaus Flickr Photostream!

The FliteHaus crew enjoying some soft serve!Lisa, Marcus, and Bethany swimming around Paradise IslandYummy! Delicious conch fritters for all!A view of the beach in Coco Cay

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