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May 6, 2014

For anyone who reads this blog, you’ll notice that I’ve fallen way short of my goal of writing one post a week all year long. It hasn’t been for a lack of desire or even a lack of ideas. Instead, the blog writing got put on hold while I focused a majority of my time on a new project, FlipQuiz.

What is FlipQuiz?

FlipQuiz is a site that allow educators and other create gameshow-style quiz boards for test reviews or game nights. Sign up for FREE and you can create new boards (that look a bit like a Jeopardy board) and then present those in front a group of students (or anyone) to review for a test or have a fun trivia night.

I officially opened up FlipQuiz to the public on February 23rd and launched a PRO version just a couple of days ago. So far, several thousand people have signed up for the free version and it’s only been live a couple of months!

A Passion for Side Projects

There’s something thrilling about launching an experience you had final say over. While I enjoy building products for clients at my day job, being the decision maker comes with a freedom that is worth the effort. Working alone has its pros and cons, the biggest con being late nights and sacrificing certain times with family.

In the end, I hope that the benefits outweigh the negatives and all will be for the greater good of my family.

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