A Look Back at 2022

January 17, 2023

It’s Day 2 of the #clickpublish challenge and I’m already sneaking in under the deadline. Am I going to mention the challenge every day? Probably not. But, for now, it’s a reminder of the renewed activity here.

In January of 2022 — the last post before this challenge started — I noted 5 things I wanted to do last year. Ironically, one of those was linked to this very same challenge… and I failed miserably.

But what about the rest? Let’s see.

Number 1: Compliment/praise someone every day. I’d like to think that I did this and I certainly made an effort to be more of a “look at you” person than a “look at me” person. I’ve not historically been good at being happy for people with them, but I made an effort to be genuinely happy for folks’ achievements and blessings. I’m ruling this one a success, but to continue this year (and forever!).

Number 2: Do something today that I could put off till tomorrow. Eh, I mostly did this. So much changed at work and at home that I don’t even know what I could have done tomorrow. 🤷‍♂️ Nevertheless, this is one that I still need to work on in 2023. Let’s say I took steps in the right direction last year.

Number 3: Read at least one verse from the Bible every day. Big fail on this one! 😬 While I did take steps to pray more and I reconnected with my Bible study group after a bit of a “pandemic hiatus”, daily scripture was severely lacking. I need some kind of reminder or something. If anyone has a system that helps, I’m all ears.

Number 4: Do some kind of exercise every day. Every day is a stretch, but Lisa and I definitely added a habit of morning walks to our lives. In 2022, we started waking up at 5am and walking 2 miles around the neighborhood before getting the girls up for school. It’s a great time to exercise (because the heat in Florida can be rough) and we get to enjoy some time with just the two of us that’s hard to come by otherwise. Daily is a lofty goal, but we have every intention of keeping this habit going in 2023, so that’s a “woo hoo” for that one! 🎉

Number 5: Publish something every day. I published a lot of things in 2022, but it was all over the place. When it comes to this blog, that was the one and only post for 2022, so clearly there’s work to be done. It’s interesting to find myself back in this headspace again at the beginning of 2023, but I’m excited.

Heck, this is already article number two for the year, so I’ve doubled last year’s output in two days!

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