Celebrating Friendship (and a Birthday!)

July 3, 2012

TJ Rogers, Best Friend and Front-end Developer for FliteHaus Creative AgencyIn this world it’s often said that “it’s not about what you know, but who you know.”

That’s why, as he celebrates his 28th birthday, I wanted to take a quick moment to celebrate TJ Rogers. Not only has he been my best friend for the last decade, but he’s also been the best man at my wedding and colleague on a number of occasions, including our current web design jobs at FliteHaus Creative Agency. We’ve worked together the majority of the last decade spanning 4 different employers, none of which we left or joined at the same time.

He currently serves as the front-end developer for FliteHaus, essentially working with me to execute sites from design to completed build.

While I don’t want to make this a brotherly love-fest – that’s not what this blog is about – I wanted to take the time to wish my best friend and fellow designer/developer Happy Birthday!

More About TJ

Learn more about TJ Rogers, the person, at TJ’s Official Website, TerranceJRogers.com

To read about TJ and his role at FliteHaus, visit his bio page on FliteHaus.com

TJ’s LinkedIn | TJ’s Twitter | TJ’s Facebook

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