ActiveTuts+ Closing Shop

Quick on the heals of Adobe announcing that it would no longer support the Flash Player plugin for Android 4.1 and later, the Flash-focused branch of the popular network, ActiveTuts+, will be shutting its doors.

The TutsPlus network is the tutorial-filled half of the Envato family. Envato's business is two-fold: 1) a network of stock items such as photography, video or website templates and 2) a network of tutorial-based web/mobile education sites. The site specific to Flash-based learning announced today that it would close its doors due to the inability to provide relevant content. It's important to note the word relevant here, because what makes the TutsPlus network so incredible is its teams of writers that provide content across the network on a weekly - and in some cases daily - basis.

With Adobe announcing that it is scaling support back on Flash to help build a more flexible HTML5 web, it only makes sense that site like this, which focus on Flash development alone, would either evolve or dissipate. Because the TutsPlus network already has multiple other sites with HTML5 related offerings, it seems an obvious choice to simply close shop.

ActiveTuts+ launched in 2009 to teach the world how to approach Flash websites, animations, and interfaces from a professional standpoint. While it served its purpose well for roughly three years, the demand for Flash, primarily due to lack of mobile device support in an era dominated by mobile design, has greatly diminished. I wish the TutsPlus network well, reallocating its Flash writing resources to more popular HTML5 lessons.

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