Our Friend, The Locust

Great web design is often fueled by great photography. As a strictly amateur photographer, I do like to shoot a lot of photos with my Nikon D3100 and from time to time, I will post some here on the blog. These images are free to use if you'd like, just let me know where so I can go check it out for myself!

While this photo has nothing to do with web design or development, I thought it was a great shot! It recently stormed here (Orlando, FL) for a week straight and 2 or 3 locusts made the bushes in front of our house their home for the storm. Though I only have an 18-55mm lens, I thought this shot came out great of our little soggy friend.

Soggy Locust shot with Nikon D3100

Click on the image above to enlarge.

The image was shot with my Nikon D3100, the Nikkor 18-55m kit lens, and no flash in stormy weather. Only a small bit of levels were used in Photoshop to brighten the overall image.

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