Marcus Burnette

front-end developer and designer Plus, sometimes I write and create silly fonts.

Well, that’s kinda awkward….

For the last couple of weeks, this site has been undergoing some changes. Yes, it looks different, but that’s not the biggest change….

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Drupal Quick Tip: Webform Email to Multiple Email Input Fields

Because I want to remember a) that it’s possible to send an email to multiple email fields and b) remember how to do it.

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Get Latest Drupal 7 and CKEditor Module (Mac Apps)

Drush and all that notwithstanding, I’m constantly downloading these two things separately because I can’t just tick the checkbox and let Drupal auto-update them.

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A few weeks ago, I launched a new utility called It has one simple purpose: find out if your sites are up to date with the latest version of Drupal (6 or 7).

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